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The Top 5 Things I Learned in my Internship

The Top 5 Things I Learned in my Internship Being an intern is a trial run for the field you think you want to work in. In 90 days or so your trial is up. But then what? Did you actually learn something that pertains to your intended major?   Is it something you see yourself doing for years to come? In college, take advantage of internship opportunities. Trust me. You can never start too early in your career to gain experience, and there is no such thing as too much internship experience. From sophomore year in college, I started interning at different companies. As a college student, I wanted to know what my strengths and weaknesses were and what I actually wanted to do with my life after I earned my degree. As a marketing major, my field was broad, so interning was such a great hands-on experience. Interning with different companies in different marketing roles helped me narrow down what I actually enjoyed doing.Here are some tips I have learned throughout my experiences.Source: [GIPHY]Step out of your comfort zone.An inte rnship is your opportunity to try new things and  surprise yourself. Trying out new opportunities helped me challenge myself. Even if I had no clue on how to do a certain project, I would still take it on. It was the perfect time for me to learn and grow. Even if by the end of it I disliked a certain task, I would still feel accomplished.Always ask questions.Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for advice. People love to give advice. Whether it is advice about your field, feedback on performance, or even career moves, they are usually more than happy to assist. Asking questions is a great icebreaker for your coworkers to know more about you, and you never know what you may learn over a cup of coffee and a conversation.Get involved within the company.Understand the company you are interning for; go beyond what the website says and really dive into it. Company culture is something important to pay attention to. How does the company you are interning for treat its employees? Al so, interning is a great networking opportunity- while you’re there, get to know all about the different departments and what they do. And always offer to lend a helping hand on some of their projects if ever needed.Shine through your work.Go above and beyond in your work. Don’t be a slacker. Make yourself memorable for the company- you never know when opportunities may rise for the future. Your work ethic is very important. It’s the little things you do that make you stand apart from the rest. Take initiative and responsibility and complete tasks accurately and in a timely manner. If there is no set deadline, make your own, hold yourself accountable, and don’t procrastinate. This is not college where you can leave things for the very last minute.Send a â€Å"thank you† card at the end of the internship.Handwritten notes/cards are one thing that will never go out of style- they’ll always put a smile on someone’s face. When writing you r card mention what you learned from the internship. Thank your main contact  for giving you an opportunity to gain experience and learn. Go that extra mile and give back some appreciation.Source: [GIPHY]

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How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon in 5 Simple Steps [2019 Guide]

How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon in 5 Simple Steps How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon in 5 Simple Steps Imagine the day of your book launch. You’re sitting in front of your computer, picturing all the five-star book reviews that will soon be yours†¦ but then the days pass, and no reviews come.Not to be overdramatic, but getting enough book reviews could just make or break your sales. Reviews don't directly sell books nor affect Amazon algorithms - but they are one of the three main factors (along with the cover and the blurb) that make a reader click that â€Å"Purchase† button. Having lots of reviews can also enable you to get the promotions that your book needs to succeed. For instance, you’ll need at least 20 reviews before you can even dream of getting a Featured Deal on Bookbub.That said, you might have already noticed the Catch-22: to get your first few sales, you’ll already need to be displaying reviews. How do you get the chicken before you’ve got the egg (or vice versa)?Enter book bloggers, who are going to be your new best friends. In this post, we ask our top Reedsy publicists for their best tips when it comes to securing reviews from book blogs - and we break the whole procedure down into five simple steps below.Step 1: Identify your audienceStart early. If you can, plan your book review campaign 4-6 months in advance of your publication date. If you want your reviews to be in place by publication, you’ll need to give all reviewers sufficient time to write the review in the first place. How have you fared getting book reviews? Do you have any questions on the process? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!Many thanks to book publicists  Jessica Glenn, Hannah Hargrave, Hannah Cooper, and Beverly Bambury for their input and suggestions.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Private Worlds and Public Lives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Private Worlds and Public Lives - Essay Example For example, we may just consider enormous transformation of our perception of the physical distances in the world where today a person can travel half a globe within half a day, or to almost instantaneously establish a communication link with any part of the Earth. Even though these achievements of mankind are seemingly purely technological, they simultaneously exert a great influence on cultural and social aspects of our world views. In this connection, one of the spheres that has been significantly changed in the last hundred years and which in one way or another pertains to the realms of cultural, moral, social, and political concerns is the general distinction between public and private parts of our being. The observation of this crucial principle belongs to the list of the most important social prescriptions in most societies, and its violation consequently constitutes one of the most harshly criticised deviations. With these points in mind, we can try to examine changes that h ave occurred in private and public attitudes to certain issues in the last hundred years with the hope to better understand the nature and scope of the larger transformations that are happening with our society and the humanity in general as the result of the fast pace of progress, which is on one hand generated by humans, but of the direction and prospects of which we on the other hand are not fully aware. As the issues in relation to which we can trace changes of public and private attitudes during the last century or so we can choose the sphere of public and private leisure spaces, serving as a good illustration of how the notions of public and private as such can be contrasted and mixed, and the issue of what implications new technology and the coming of the information society have on the distinction between them. Before we move to the examination of changes in public and private attitudes in relation to the mentioned issues, we should overview the essence of the public versus private distinction, which belongs to the list of fundamental methodological approaches in sociology and offers a helpful, even though often relative, reference point for many research purposes (Stolzenberg 2003, pp.328-332). One of the most evident definitions of private and public might seem to be that private is something connected with our own psychological phenomena and with material aspects of our immediate bodily experiences, while public is related to those environments where people coexist, where rules of conduct are externally imposed and regulated, and where phenomena take place that make sense only in the group context (Weintraub and Kumar 1997, pp.182-203). However, from the point of view of the sociological theory of social constructionism 'the private' refers not only to psychology and 'the public' not onl y to larger scale processes of societys functioning, but rather both notions reflect ways in which individual and group levels co-operate and mutually create reality the way we perceive it. That is why important focuses of the social constructionism are micro, or private, and macro, or public, sociological levels of societies functioning, processes of institutionalisation, and their transformation into ubiquitous traditions. Thus, social constructio

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How does the Steiner approach to learning differ from the Montessori Essay

How does the Steiner approach to learning differ from the Montessori Method - Essay Example Montessori approach and Steiner approach are two educational approaches that teach children. Both came from Europe and teach children in a calm, non-coercive manner. They also provide safe, enticing, and entertaining learning environment to children. Another similarity is both educational approaches respect and believe in the capabilities of children. However, there are differences in the two approaches in terms of curriculum, teaching styles, teachers’ profile, focus of studies, and other aspects. Montessori Approach was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the late 19th century. Dr. Montessori coined her Montessori schools as â€Å"Children’s Houses†. These â€Å"houses† are the schools and facilities that provide well-planned and safe surrounding wherein children can learn and appreciate what they have learned. Moreover, these facilities are deemed to inculcate to every child the values of harmony, concern for the environment, and intercultural appreciation. According to Montessori Centre International, the principles behind Montessori education are grounded on the concepts of liberty and self progress combined with the different practical approaches. In this type of educational approach, children are considered to be able to understand the lessons taught without difficult if they are provided with appropriate activities at the appropriate time. Montessori aims to teach children to be educated and spread peace in the world (Coulter, 1991, p.3). The main goal of the Montessori approach is the natural progress of children of which the dormant physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of human being are brought out and developed based on a meaningful life (Miller, 1997, p. 160). Montessori approach believes in the innate intelligence of children which includes all aspects such as mental, empirical, spiritual (Edwards, 2002). Montessori Method of education focuses on training children in a holistic approach which includes

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Consumer Buying Behaviour Analysis

Consumer Buying Behaviour Analysis CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR Consumer is the king and it is the consumer determines what a business is, therefore a sound marketing programme start with a careful analysis of the habits, attitudes, motives and needs of consumers. In particular a marketer should find answer to the following questions: What are the products they buy? Why they buy them? How they buy them? When they buy them ? Where they buy them? How often they buy them? A buyer makes a purchase of a particular product or a particular brand and this can be termed â€Å" product buying motives† and the reason behind the purchase from a particular seller is â€Å" patronage motives† When a person gets his pay packet, and if he is educated ,sits down along with his wife and prepares a family budget, by appropriating the amount to different needs. It may happen that after a trip to the market, they might have purchased some items, which are not in the budget, and thus there arises a deviation from the budgeted items and expenditure. all the behaviour of human beings during the purchase may be termed as â€Å"buyer behaviour†. HOW CONSUMER BUY 1. Need/Want/Desire is Recognized In the first step the consumer has determined that for some reason he/she is not satisfied (i.e., consumers perceived actual condition) and wants to improve his/her situation (i.e., consumers perceived desired condition). For instance, internal triggers, such as hunger or thirst, may tell the consumer that food or drink is needed. External factors can also trigger consumers needs. Marketers are particularly good at this through advertising, in-store displays and even the intentional use of scent (e.g., perfume counters). 2. Search for Information Assuming consumers are motivated to satisfy his or her need, they will next undertake a search for information on possible solutions. The sources used to acquire this information may be as simple as remembering information from past experience (i.e., memory) or the consumer may expend considerable effort to locate information from outside sources (e.g., Internet search, talk with others, etc.). How much effort the consumer directs toward searching depends on such factors as: the importance of satisfying the need, familiarity with available solutions, and the amount of time available to search. 3. Evaluate Options Consumers search efforts may result in a set of options from which a choice can be made. It should be noted that there may be two levels to this stage. At level one the consumer may create a set of possible solutions to their needs (i.e., product types) while at level two the consumer may be evaluating particular products (i.e., brands) within each solution. For example, a consumer who needs to replace a television has multiple solutions to choose from such as plasma, LCD and CRT television. 4. Purchase In many cases the solution chosen by the consumer is the same as the product whose evaluation is the highest. However, this may change when it is actually time to make the purchase. The â€Å"intended† purchase may be altered at the time of purchase for many reasons such as: the product is out-of-stock, a competitor offers an incentive at the point-of-purchase (e.g., store salesperson mentions a competitors offer), the customer lacks the necessary funds (e.g., credit card not working), or members of the consumers reference group take a negative view of the purchase (e.g., friend is critical of purchase). 5. After-Purchase Evaluation Once the consumer has made the purchase they are faced with an evaluation of the decision. If the product performs below the consumers expectation then he/she will re-evaluate satisfaction with the decision, which at its extreme may result in the consumer returning the product while in less extreme situations the consumer will retain the purchased item but may take a negative view of the product. Such evaluations are more likely to occur in cases of expensive or highly important purchases. To help ease the concerns consumers have with their purchase evaluation, marketers need to be receptive and even encourage consumer contact. Customer service centers and follow-up market research are useful tools in helping to address purchasers concerns. TYPES OF CONSUMER PURCHASE BEHAVIOR Consumers are faced with purchase decisions nearly every day. But not all decisions are treated the same. Some decisions are more complex than others and thus require more effort by the consumer. Other decisions are fairly routine and require little effort. In general, consumers face four types of purchase decisions: * Minor New Purchase these purchases represent something new to a consumer but in the customers mind is not a very important purchase in terms of need, money or other reason (e.g., status within a group). * Minor Re-Purchase these are the most routine of all purchases and often the consumer returns to purchase the same product without giving much thought to other product options (i.e., consumer is brand loyalty). * Major New Purchase these purchases are the most difficult of all purchases because the product being purchased is important to the consumer but the consumer has little or no previous experience making these decisions. The consumers lack of confidence in making this type of decision often (but not always) requires the consumer to engage in an extensive decision-making process.. * Major Re-Purchase these purchase decisions are also important to the consumer but the consumer feels confident in making these decisions since they have previous experience purchasing the product. For marketers it is important to understand how consumers treat the purchase decisions they face. If a company is targeting customers who feel a purchase decision is difficult (i.e., Major New Purchase), their marketing strategy may vary greatly from a company targeting customers who view the purchase decision as routine. In fact, the same company may face both situations at the same time; for some the product is new, while other customers see the purchase as routine. The implication of buying behavior for marketers is that different buying situations require different marketing efforts Consumer Buying Decision Process â€Å"Nothing is more difficult and therefore, more precious, than to be able to decide is quoted to be the words of Napoleon. This is amply true in the case of consumer too. It is for this reason that the marketers are bound to have a full knowledge of the consumer buying decision process. However it should be remembered that the actual act of purchasing is only one stage in the process and the process is initiated at the several stages prior to the actual purchase. Secondly even though we find that purchase is one of the final links in the chain of process, not all decision processes lead to purchase. The individual consumer may terminate the process during any stage. Finally not all consumer decisions always include all stages. Persons engaged in extensive decision making usually employ all stages of this decision process. Where as those engaged in limited decisions making and routine response behaviour may omit some stages. The consumer decision process is composed of two parts, the process itself and the factors affecting the process. SURVEY BY THE MARKETING TEAM A survey conducted by the marketing team of shoppers stop Ltd. Reveals the psychography of the modern shopper. Acordingly the survey classifies customers in to the four segments namely * Convenience Shoppers * Value Shoppers * Image Shoppers * Experience Shoppers Convenience shoppers for instance ,are people who consume relatively less amount of time while shopping. Also they look out for the width and depth of the range they purchase and conduct their annual shopping at one shot. Value Shoppers always hunt for value for money ; Prefer quality reassurance and benchmark offerings among other related attributes. Image Shoppers are fashion- conscious and look out for the latest trends and labels. On the other hand , Experience Shoppers are attentive and prefer personalized services look out for the right ambience, prefer giving personal advice on clothing at the time of purchase , and prefer not to buy at one sold. ECONOMIC FACTOR AFFECT THE BUYERS BEHAVIOUR 1.Disposal personal income : The economists made attempts to establish a relationship between income and spending. Disposal personal income represents potential purchasing power that a buyer has. The change in income has a direct relation on buying habits. 2.Size of family income : The size of family and size of family income affect the spending and saving patterns. Generally large family spend more and short family spend less, in comparison. 3. Income expectations : The expected income to receive in future has a direct relation with the buying behaviour. The expectation of higher or lower income has a direct effect on spending plans. 4.Propensity to consume and to save : This goes to the habit of spending or saving with the disposal income of buyers. If the buyers give importance to present needs, then they dispose of their income. And buyers spend less if they give importance to future needs. 5. Liquidity of Fund : The present buying plans are influenced greatly by liquidity of assets i.e., cash and assets readily convertible into cash, eg bonds, bank balances etc., 6. Consumer Credit : â€Å" Buy now and pay later† plays its role effectively in the rapid growth of markets for car, scooter, radio, furniture and the like. Economic model suggests behavioural hypothsis : * Lower the price of the product, higher the sales. * Lower the price of substitute products, lower the sales of this product * Higher the real income, higher the sales of the product. * Higher the promotional expenses, higher the sales. Internal influences of buyers * psychographics (lifestyle), * personality, motivation, knowledge, * attitudes, * beliefs, and * feelings. * demographics, consumer behaviour concern with consumer need consumer actions in the direction of satisfing needs leads to his behaviour behaviour of every individuals depend on thinking process. EXTERNAL INFLUENCES OF BUYERS * culture, * sub-culture, * Locality, * royalty, * ethnicity, * family, * social class, * reference groups, * lifestyle, and * market mix factors.

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The Movie Ball of Fire

The movie â€Å"Ball of Fire† is a comedy film that is released in the year 1941, which tells the story about a group of professors that have been working themselves for several years to finish an encyclopedia and depicts the story of the group’s encounter with a nightclub performer who provides her own profound source of unique knowledge (Ball of Fire-1941). As such, the film is also known as the â€Å"The Professor and the Burlesque Queen,† which presents early movie stars namely Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck for the lead role in the movie (Ball of Fire-1941).For the supporting roles, movie artists like Oskar Homolka, Richard Haydn, Henry Travers, Dan Duryea, Elisha Cook Jr. and Dana Andrews have done an amazing participation in the overall positive outcome of the story (Ball of Fire-1941). Moreover, the movie tells the story of a group of eight mild-mannered professors who are working hard in compiling an encyclopedia. Their work is seen to be monotonous an d boring but things are falling into place.It is until the language expert â€Å"Professor Bertram Potts† realizes that his section on slang is seen to be outdated. In this regard, he decided to venture into the outside world to do his research. In the process he met a nightclub singer â€Å"Sugarpuss O'Shea† who has problems with her mobster boyfriend and needs a place to hide in. The professors allow Sugarpuss to live with them and have been effective in teaching the professors more than the slang language by livening up their academic lives with nylons and conga lines.Professor Potts becomes obsessed with Sugarpuss but when the boyfriend of Sugarpass wants her back, things have started to become complicated. At the end of the movie, Professor Potts has outwitted the boyfriend of Sugarpass and pursue his love for Sugarpuss by proposing marriage to her. In light of the story of the movie, it can be said that being smart does not only mean being good at the teachings o f the book. Hence, the characteristic of being smart and intelligent can never be learned in a secluded area, more specifically in the four corners of the class.As such, the story of the movie has depicted these notions on the realizations of Professor Potts, that his knowledge in slang word is seen to be outdated and requires a need to venture in the real or outside world to be able to acquire new information. Likewise, it is seen that the purpose of receiving a formal education is to guide the person and empower an individual towards the achievement of his or her aspirations in the future. In thoughts, it is seen the formal education is essential to teach and render an individual with all the appropriate and needed knowledge that a person needs to acquire.Hence, there is a need to balance the formal and informal knowledge that can never be acquired and taught in the classroom, which the personal life experiences can only edify. Likewise, the movie â€Å"Ball of Fire† has de picted that the learning that occurs in the school of hard knocks is as essential as that which is taught in the formal education that leads to a balance between the real-life education and the importance of knowledge that the book provides.In the end, it can be said that the movie is set to provide a better understanding about the importance of knowledge that can be acquired in both real-life learning and formal education. As such, it can be seen that knowledge which can only be acquired in real life experiences is as essential as the education that can be learned from school. Hence, both these types of knowledge are essential factors towards the achievement of the person’s future career and personal goals in life. Works Cited Ball of Fire – 1941. IGN Entertainment, Inc. 27 October 2008

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Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Academic Papers

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Academic Papers The standard of papers they write can show how far they are prepared to visit make your life in school great. A paper with superior grammar be sure you won't need to correct any mistakes. Nowadays there are different on-line services that provide assistance with custom paper assignments. When you intend to purchase academic papers online, it's vital to search for a writing company which assures of cost-effective services which do not depart from your pocket empty. If you would like to buy an inexpensive customized paper, keep reading for some tips and suggestions on the way in which the approach works and precisely what you can expect to get. The procedure normally takes a couple seconds to finish. The system isn't flawless. Ruthless Academic Papers Strategies Exploited The great majority of current research focuses solely on reading comprehension, in spite of the fact that health literacy is really a multifaceted idea, which entails various kinds of skills. With a plethora of illegitimate business practices transpiring on the online nowadays, it's essential that students choose their academic term paper service wisely. Many students in the marketplace admire the services they provide. The academic papers we offer our clients demonstrate a high degree of professionalism. At exactly the same time, having the ability to express oneself in writing is an important ability for students when they join the expert community. As an issue of fact, there's one surefire method to accomplish this, without sacrificing any of your classes, your jobs or your complete life for this issue. Many classes supply you with an opportunity to learn about the most recent news, research and developments in your career field. Life After Academic Papers If you don't feel just like you have enough time to write essays all on your own, we will aid you, any instance of the day, seven days weekly. Most people understand that plagiarism is an amazing offense that's punishable by law worldwide. As our group of writers is quite big, we always have free writers eager to bring a manageable and well-paid purchase. Yes, folks will heckle you in case you suck at grammar, but there's no penalty or repercussion for bad writing like there is for terrible accounting. You accomplish the very best academic texts in college with assistance from a specialist. As students, the school year is virtually going to change and it's time to get started considering your New Year resolutions. Be prepared to compose a lot'' is essentially a requirement for anybody who applies to college. If you aren't a student, then the library can't provide you online access. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Academic Papers You'll get instant outcomes. Nevertheless, there are a number of real data in the analysis, and a great deal of academic citations. All the published papers were retracted when the true identities and motives of the authors were revealed. Some academic papers, particularly in the technical fields, are more challenging to write and require keen attention to a wide selection of requirements. New Questions About Academic Papers Whichever you opt for, we promise you won't be disappointed in the caliber of service you become. After the expert fi nishes your assignment, you'll get a notification. Making the choice to employ a custom writing service is essential. Actually, there's a solution that has already become extremely popular among many students. Academic Papers for Dummies Whether you must create a paper of special flawlessness, just get an essay here and our writers will provide help. Writing is now a passion. 10 easy ways to boost your academic writing. You are going to be amazed at how efficient and responsible we are when it has to do with custom academic writing. Our essay writing service can give you a hand! On the net, there are scores of companies where you're able to hire academic papers writers who will support you with your essays. What's more, if you don't understand how to compose papers, expert writers can demonstrate how it's completed, after which it's possible to attempt to do it yourself. For difficult papers, it's wise to compose the introduction towards the last stages of drafting the. To purchase academic papers online from a writing firm, it's important to have an assurance your assignment is going to be tackled by a seasoned writer. At some time, you will have to write IEEE papers. Read your very first draft outloud.